Using sound design principals, all pieces are crafted with fastidious attention to detail. Whilst Tony’s pieces are innovative, the emphasis is on functionality and durability. A combination of traditional (e.g. hand-cut dovetails) and modern joinery techniques are used where appropriate to emphasis the natural beauty of the timber and ensure its structural integrity.

Shelf unit detail

Preferring Gippsland timbers, all timber used in Tony’s pieces is hand selected to meet design specifications and to accentuate the natural beauty of the finished item. Many pieces utilise curves and shaping, and in some cases natural edged timber, to soften the overall appearance.


Some items incorporate multiple timbers and additional materials (i.e. stainless steel) contrasting the warmth of timber with the cool of other elements. Every effort is made to utilise all materials in an environmentally sustainable manner. A variety of finishes (Danish oil, polyurethane etc.) can be applied to meet individual client needs.